-Will you still love me even if the world is coming to an end ? -The world has already ended and I still love you.


As I said I love taking the train but sometimes it appears nearer than it is in reality…  It’s just a step…


You will never figure out what this is it. There are only signs proving you its existence. I was in love with you. I loved you. Truly. I don’t doubt it. How do I know? I’m beeing dead serious: I don’t know! I will never know! It’s not about knowing to be honest. Love is Love weiterlesen


Everbody hates rejection. Who wants to be rejected btw? Who likes it? Truth is it’s just another chance to grow! To grow apart. I couldn’t handle it at all. Seeing somebody turning his back to the words of mine. Disgusting. I always struggled saying the words that seemed right, frightened for the outcome. But did Rejection weiterlesen


Everybody believes that breaking up with someone  after a bad relationship leads instantly to happiness. Truth is that you’re gonna face a lot of bullshit after that – making you recognize what you lost.